Monday, 5 May 2008

The Killer Instinct

Our little kitten has now graduated into a full blown cat by bringing us a dead mouse into the house.

It is said that cats bring dead prey into our homes because it is their way of bringing us a gift and showing their love and affection for us. According to one website, when giving us gifts of prey, cats see us (humans) as their kittens. In the wild, big cats present prey to others in their den as a social gesture.

I love watching and being with our cats. I think they are beautiful, intelligent creatures who love unconditionally. We can learn a lot about ourselves from our cats and other animals.

Cats are often seen as cruel and unfriendly, but I don't see them in this way. They are the distillations of millions of years of evolution and 'nature' which is all powerful.

Looking at cats and prey they are demonstrating their innate wildness. In the wild, cats are attracted by movement, which attracts the desire to attack. Playing with the prey can apparently be a sign of excitement after the stalking or killing. Simple!

Anyway whatever the explanations, I feel truly honoured!

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