Monday, 9 December 2013

Return to Work Bucket List

In an attempt to stem the dread surrounding the imminent end of Mat Leave, I am endeavouring to cheer myself up and pull together a "Return to Work Bucket List" to give myself lots of things to look forward to both before and after returning and to distract me from the transition.

Here is what is on my list already:
1. Celebrate first christmas with little man and start some new family traditions
2. Plan little man's first birthday party
3. Attend a "Bach to Baby" concert
4. Go "Tumble in the Jungle " soft play before little man is 12 months old
5. Go to Discover centre in Stratford
6. Finalise 1st Year photobook
7. Design a baby montage film with music
8. Have a haircut
9. Label all of little man's clothes
10. Bake cakes (for party)
11. Take little man swimming again

I'd welcome any great suggestions from anyone else whether you have been in the same predicament or not. Please help me to stay as positive as possible :)

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