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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Back to Blogging

I've not been very successful at you can probably see from my previous attempts to get when I came across the CPD23 Things for Professional Development programme, I thought it was a great idea and signed up immediately. Hopefully this will inspire me further and encourage me to kickstart my career planning for the future.

CPD23 is an online self-directed learning programme which has been set up by some interprising librarians and information professionals. It is based on a similar programme in the US and at Cambridge University in the UK.

The programme begins with Thing One - Blogging (more of which in a moment...)

About Me
I am currently an Information Manager working for central government working embedded in an operational delivery team. I love my job but sometimes feel quite isolated from some trends. Its not due to lack of innovation or creativity but perhaps because of working in a slower paced job area.

How do I feel about blogging?
I've previously touched on why I started blogging when I first began this blog back in 2008 - see What is all the fuss about blogging?

Given my previous attempts (and failures) at blogging I'd say that I have reservations about the process of blogging. To clarify my current thoughts I've listed some pros and cons of blogging:
  • Keeping informed - current awareness
  • Cheap self-publishing to the masses
  • Publishing information that some "traditional" publishers might want to steer clear of due to controversy
  • Human creativity and expression
  • Allows greater conversation
  • Creating linkages


  • Information in date order - has a sell by date
  • An issue of vanity publishing in some cases
  • Issue of reliability and trust - do we really know who is speaking? Eg case of the blogger who claimed to be Israeli lesbian
  • Streams of random consciousness with little value?
  • A mirrorworld where reality doesn't actually happen
Overall, for me the best blogs are those that have a clear purpose. I am not a fan of random thoughts spouted online for all and sundry to read. That's the role of a diary and should be private.

Maybe the biggest reason that I have so far struggled with blogging is that I don't have an app phone with quick access to either Twitter or RSS feeds which fuel the blogging phenonomen. I also don't want to be spending my time constantly online sharing my thoughts.
I don't think I am alone in my scepticism of blogging. Yes - it is indeed a powerful medium (witnesss the 'Arab Spring' which was fueled by younger people wanting to have a greater say in their societies and communicating more freely online) - but ultimately it is only one communication medium among many.
Some internet commentators, researchers and other bloggers have discussed that the blogging craze will die out, as people and companies tire of bearing their thoughts for all and sundry. For instance, the New York Times recently reported on the phenonomen of blogging waning as younger people drift to sites like Twitter. See:
I don't want to make massive predictions about bloggings demise or survival here since predictions are doomed to failure. What is clear is that as blogging technology, methods, techniques, users and reasons for blogging evolve and as society and events happen worldwide - then the blogging landscape will adapt naturally in a multitude of different ways.
Grateful to know if other people share my views and blogging.....and good luck to everyone participating in CPD23 Things. Signing out....Red

PS. If you like reading check out my other blog -

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Revelation23 said...

I like your blog (started reading it from the "wrong end" but hopefully will read all soon) and agree with your comments on blogging. At the moment my own blog is forced to life by the cpd23 and it would be much better (I hope) if written in my own language (extra difficulty in my present situation). Best wishes Magda